About dental tourism

In the Republic of Moldova there are professional doctors, performing dentists, who offer treatment based on science, research and experience. The „Best Dental Tour” team is the collective that can convince you.

Only qualitative materials are used in the „Best Dental Tour” dental clinic and our professionals undergo a continuous improvement process. We guarantee works to the highest quality standards, thanks to our staff and state-of-the-art technology.

You can recognize us after our transparency — we communicate with you, describe your real clinical situation and together choose the best treatment option. In addition to the quality treatment we offer, you will feel good and relaxed because we are attentive to the patient’s needs.

Because we are aware of the patients’ focus on performing services, we come with the highest quality treatments, but also with a specific dental management programme.

We are also always aware of all the novelties of dental medicine, participating constantly in congresses, symposia and workshops.

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    Clinic history

    The „Best Dental Tour” team is based on the Dental Clinic “Doctor Romaniuc”, which was constituted in 2018 and has as founder the dentist Romaniuc Dumitru, Doctor of Medical Science, with over 11 years of experience in the field. A team of young professionals, smart specialists, qualified, experienced doctors are acting in the framework of the „Best Dental Tour” project, which are in a continuous self-training, research and development.

    All the activities of the clinic are carried out under the strict supervision of the head doctor Romaniuc Dumitru, who takes full responsibility for the patients and provides them with high-quality treatment.

    Best performing technologies, dental equipment and materials produced in Germany, France, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, USA are used here for dental treatment and prosthesis. Accurate diagnosis, based on the latest generation equipment, determines an individualized, qualitative and safe treatment, fully customized solutions depending on the patient’s needs.

    The project of the Clinic “Doctor Romaniuc 4 kids” was recently launched, where we provide dental services for children.

    We have ambitious plans, we are a young team, but motivated to succeed in a much-needed and vital area — dental health.

    That is why we invest in research, high-performance technologies, modern machinery and appliances, quality, but above all, in a fair and respectful attitude

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