Dental tourism in Moldova

We offer full packages for individuals or legal entities from other municipalities or countries at advantageous prices with customized solution times. For your convenience we offer support in purchasing airline tickets, transport from airport-hotel-clinic as well as free companion (translator) throughout the treatment.

Dental tourism

Dental tourism is becoming more popular thanks to the quality of dental services in Moldova at a good price (compared to Europe, the USA and other countries).

The clinic is located in the Republic of Moldova, a three-hour direct flight from France. Eastern European country, between Romania and Ukraine.

Our team’s mission is to continue to provide dental services of the highest quality, to optimize over time our internal intervention processes to ensure that the patient has the best treatment, to create a dedicated and committed community for oral health, and not least to maintain a correct level of pricing for dental services in the clinic.

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Every treated patient is a worthy and encouraging achievement. The joy and smile brought back to the patient is the main spiritual motivation of the doctor.

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Dental crowns

About the clinic

A beautiful smile – a healthy smile!

The high number (over 5500) of patients treated during their activity, the gratitude they offer, encouraged us to develop the project in the field of dental tourism.

We come up with interesting and attractive offers, but above all safe and absolutely legal in the field of dental tourism.
The focus is on quality, safety, accessibility and comfort.

Our clinic offers a wide range of dental services: Total rehabilitation on implants (all on 6 or all on 4), bone addition operations, aesthetic rehabilitation — dental facets, dental crowns, prostheses, dental restoration, etc. you can find all services on our website.

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